Upcoming Meeting


Dear VOF-visitor,

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the physical meetings of  VOF in May have been replaced by on-line video meetings from the MARIN Studio. These meetings are for participants only. The Kick-off meeting of TopTier JIP is for invited representatives only. For further information please contact the relevant JIP manager.


18 May 2021   9-13 am (CET)  TopTier JIP Kick-off        j.koning@marin.nl

20 May  2021  9-13 am (CET)  WINDLASS JIP                         h.v.d.boom@marin.nl

25 May  2021  9-13 am (CET)  F-series JIP                              j.dang@marin.nl


In November we hope to have our first physical VOF meetings in two years time. These will be kindly hosted by Hamburg Port Authority. Further details will follow in due course.


VOF Forum & JIP meetings  organizer:

Henk van den Boom
Email: h.v.d.boom@marin.nl